About Us

Lonkame Private Enterprise was established in October 1994.

Since the foundation of the Czech-Ukrainian businessmen, the production of socks has been geared towards a european quality standard.

Today it is a private Ukrainian factory that has retained the high-quality technology and assortment launched. In the manufacture of hosiery, high-quality cotton yarn, polyamide yarn and acrylic yarn containing wool of foreign manufacturers are used, competitive not only in Ukraine but also abroad, up to 50% of the export products.

The assortment of products allows each buyer to make a choice.

Men's Cotton Yarn Sock combined with polyamide threads or elastane, in a timed classic range and drawings, lets you pick it up for business, outfit, or casual wear.

A variety of patterns and colors of women's socks highlights it from the flow of similar products from other manufacturers.

Novelty in domestic production - socks without a rubber band, provides free coat and creates comfort for legs with varicose veins.

For today, the trade name "Lonkame" is a manufacturer of a full range of infants to adults, for all tastes, colors, sizes, season.

The advantage of the factory is the rapid response to market demands, and it is developing models for individual orders.

A wide range of equipment and raw materials allows you to respond to the needs of the market and take into account the wishes of customers.

We look forward to cooperating and are always happy to see you at the address

PP "Lonkame"

Street Independence of Ukraine, 15th in the city of Bryukhovychi, Lviv.

Phone / Fax 0322/346482 моб.0676733688

e-mail: lonkamezbut@ukr.net

Raw from India, Taiwan Spain, and Turkey

Quality control

Own production

Individual approach